Social Actions through Teaching Active Methods

Direct beneficiaries of the program were youth, teachers and parents. Some of these youth came from the ‘Children’s Home,’ and from families in need who had been informed about the volunteers’ actions through Radio Delta, a local radio station.

Objectives of the program

  1. A study in the period 11-17 May 2006, by 31 volunteers on a representative sample of 395 young people aged between 14 and 19 years on possibilities and preferences for spending free time.
  2. Training of 30 young people on the benefits of volunteering with instruction on project management, over 2 weeks for 20 hours.
  3. Increased participation of youth from Ocna Mures’ two high schools, to identify problems, debate and search for solutions to improve the problems identified in the locality, through discussion of individual experiences and perspectives.

Our partners: Liceul Teoretic “Petru Maior,” the “Sanctuary” Foundation of Ocna Mures.
This program had no funding.

Local resources included: human resources, donated meeting space, computers, and the Internet.

A study was conducted during 11-17 May 2006, by 31 volunteers on a representative sample of 395 youth between the ages of 14 and 19 years, which addressed the acute lack of positive outlets for free time and addressed youth’s disinterest in defining activities for self development.
This study revealed the need for information on the benefits of volunteering and it’s unique offer to assist youth in personal development. It was also necessary to provide a base understanding of what a project comprises.

Courses were organized to allow young people to benefit from our knowledge and experience. We tried to convey what we have learned from others and through our project experience. Through interactive work and constructive feedback, we conclude the project succeeded in energizing the teenage volunteers.
Volunteers in the program took part in a Microproject competition in which they succeeded in receiving funding up to 370 euros for a miniproject entitled “Help them smile.’ TransRivere.V Association were the sponsors for this project.

This success has greatly stimulated the young volunteers, and encouraged their self confidence. The volunteers were required to correspond with the financing organization, to contact local authorities and partners, to communicate amongst themselves and others involved, to meet project deadlines, to calculate a budget, to draw up a financial report, and compose a report narrative. The project’s beneficiaries included children from the city’s orphanage as well as a group of children coming from families in need. The project was conducted between 1 July-4 August 2006. Cooperation with the “Sanctuary” Foundation in this mini project was very good. The end of the project has not meant an end to the link between the volunteers and the project’s child beneficiaries. The connection has continued after the project’s conclusion and we hope that it will be a long lasting one. Some beautiful friendships continue on.

At the program’s conclusion, the project leaders formed a group discussion to share their lessons learned and evaluate what skills were acquired from the learning experience. The project involved 90 volunteers: 7 teachers; members of the ASMEA Association, 60 young people who participated in the activities of the project, as well as 23 partners and parents.

The project’s effects echoed in the community and helped to strengthen our credibility as an NGO. This was demonstrated by the local council’s decision on September 19, 2006 to participate as a partner and 10% co-financier of a project worth 40,000 euros. Should the project be fully funded, we intend to create in the city’s center an office for ‘Community Information and Counseling’ to ensure that alternative assistance from the public system reaches the community.

We can proudly say this program changed attitudes towards the community’s ideas of volunteering.